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Havillah Dreadlocks

Havillah dreadlocks is an innovative product manufactured in South Africa using locally sourced raw material. The dreadlocks are one of a kind artificial dreadlocks delicately handwoven for the best combination of fibre ensure that they re of the highest quality.  


The dreads are not real people’s hair, they are synthetic hair.

It takes 3 hours to install the hair and we will send you a video of the installation, take it to any salon and they will be able to install the dreads.

The dreads are re-usable, they can be used for over 2 years.

Yes, you can wash and dry it while on your head.

Yes you can style it like normal dreads but you cannot use dye to change the colour of the dreads.

The clients hair must be unplaited, washed and ready to be worked on

• The client is expected to fetch the dreadlocks technician from the nearest taxi stop if there are    no taxi routes to your house.

• Client and technician should count the hair and size before the installation

• No installation will be done after 13:00, this is to allow travelling time for technicians.

• Recommended appointment times are from 10:00 to 12:00 am strictly

• It the responsibility of the client to secure times and directions with the technician, not the        other way around.

• Cancellation must be done with the technician minimum 1 day before the installation, and   send cancellation to 0846666400

Havillah Make-up

Havillah Make-up is a high-end professional make-up product formulated for the needs of the modern day woman. The make-up line offers 12 colors to choose for ethnic skin shades, it has the necessary protective qualities and offers full coverage for marks and blemishes.

Product Features

SPF 30


Lasts for more than 12 hours

Conceals and contours

12 colours to choose from

100% coverage for pigmentation


Cream foundation and its size of the foundation is 4grams

The setting powder sets your foundation and ensures that your make-up lasts you the whole day. It guarantees you the 24 hour coverage.

Havillah Setting powder is translucent, it takes the colour of your foundation

The foundation gives you 70 application, on average it lasts 2 months.

You only apply once in the morning, it lasts you the whole day.

To refresh your make-up you just need to dab with a tissue, you Should not reapply the powder. 

No, Havillah Make-up is foundation and concealer, you can use it to conceal dark marks and to clean your eyebrows.

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