Product Detail

Business Fee - R495

This business fee unlocks your dashboard/backoffice where you can track your comissions and earnings and payments. You receive any of the mentioned products on the product dropdown when you pay  the business fee. Should you want the foundation & powder send us a picture of your face without make-up, without filters we wil diagnose your colour

Excludes delivery

  1. 1x Foundation and setting powder OR
  2. 1x Eventone night cream and 1x African black soap 
  3. 1x Eventone night cream and African black soap cleanser
  4. 1x Wonder day cream and 1x African blck soap. cleanser
  5. 3x Matte Lipsticks 
  6. Mens range; 1x Day Moisturizer, 1x Serum,, 1x Face cleanser.

Please note only one starterkit per one joining member is allowed. not multiple joining kits can be purchased at once by a joining member.